The community for Passive BCI research

Welcome to the website of the Community for Passive Brain-Computer Interface Research, where researchers from this area find together and discuss their work, their plans and their ideas. It also serves as a hub for sharing code and data from experiments and gives an overview of the literature available in this area of research.

If you would like to have access to the databases and communication channel of this site, we heartily invite you to become a member of the Community. Please register at this site and provide relevant information about you, your research and your institute. As this community is still in its initial stages, we would greatly appreciate your participation or support. Any donations would also be gratefully accepted. Please refer to for any questions you may have.

As the Community further develops, we hope to see its growth reflected in the contents of this Web site, allowing it, and the Community, to share and support research in all areas related to passive BCI.


With best regards
Thorsten O. Zander